Being on the transplant waiting list you are faced with the stark reality that for your life to continue, someone else will have lost theirs. For me, this is the hardest part of being a transplant recipient.

Matthew Black was a young man from Adelaide who had only days earlier celebrated his 18th birthday. He was a son, brother, and beloved friend to his mates. In his final year at school he was both school and sports captain. Sadly I will never have the opportunity to thank Matthew for saving my life.

His sister Kylie once described him in a letter to me.
“Matt was kind, caring, awfully cheeky, and had so much to give. He loved his family and friends and was adored by all. ”

I will be forever grateful to Matthew and the Black family for making the selfless decision that handed me back my life.

Peter Crumpton - Founder of The Transplant Network

The Transplant Network is dedicated to Matthew Black and his family.