The Transplant Network is a not-for-profit online community, created by organ transplant recipients.

Our mission is to help patients and their families feel informed and supported as they navigate through their own transplant journey.



Professor Peter Macdonald
St Vincents Hospital

Making the transplant phone call

Jessica Cunningham
Transplant Coordinator - St Vincents Hospital

My brothers gift of organ donation

Alex Marlow
Richie Marlow Organ Donor @ 34


Coping in hospital

Joel Seeto
Heart Transplant @ 18

Support for carers and families

Luke Teys
Partner transplant @ 23

Length of time in hospital after surgery

Joel Seeto
Heart Transplant @ 18


Returning to work after transplant

Rachel Gralton
Double Lung Transplant @ 20

Life after transplant

Rachel Gralton
Double Lung Transplant @ 20

What has you transplant taught you

Matt Wensley
Liver Transplant @ 19


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