Who We Are

Sometimes the help you need isn’t easy to find. The Transplant Network exists to improve the lives of those who are asked to undergo a transplant and everyone they will come to rely on throughout that experience.

Who we are

TTN Journey

The words “you need a transplant” can be the most confronting that any person will likely hear.

After hearing those words and embarking on his own transplant journey, TTN founder Peter Crumpton struggled to find information that was relevant to young transplant patients.

Going through the transplant journey has given Peter a new perspective on his approach to life, and one of the most powerful outcomes post-transplant was a desire to give back, to help others where he could. The unique experience and knowledge gained from living through the transplant process, combined with his entrepreneurial character, is where TTN was born.

TTN’s goal of connecting pre-transplant patients, their families and friends, with post-transplant patients and medical experts in a supportive community has created this ever-evolving resource.

TTN develops with every contribution made - be it transplant patients sharing their unique stories, or the friends and families of patients talking through their experiences, to the wealth of exceptional information provided by transplant doctors and medical staff who have been involved along the way.

Our hope is that TTN becomes the go-to resource for the transplant community.

The information contributed by everyone involved, helps to make the process easier and less intimidating to navigate for anyone on their own transplant journey, starting from the moment they hear the words “You need a transplant”.