Who We Are

Sometimes the help you need isn’t easy to find. The Transplant Network exists to improve the lives of those who are asked to undergo a transplant and everyone they will come to rely on throughout that experience.

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TTN Journey

The Transplant Network is a community created by transplant patients and health professionals for the benefit of transplant patients and their families. It seeks to improve the experience of recipients and carers by harnessing the power of shared knowledge and lived experience.

The network is an online resource, continually updated and collaboratively created with transplant units to ensure patients are getting relevant and correct information to support them on their journey. The network was created to ensure that all patients and carers can freely access accurate and factual information, along with real lived experience, all of which is reviewed and approved to avoid misinformation.

The Transplant Network is available for all patients and carers who are in the assessment, acute or long term follow up phases of transplant, and is a valuable resource to clinicians providing a platform where patients can be directed for education and support.

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The Transplant Network Incorporated is a registered charity with the ACNC. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.